XPression Graphics

At NAB, XPression motion graphics systems jump to v7.0, which adds support for the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system for users building or providing their own hardware.


IP inputs and outputs are now supported with SMPTE 2022-6 and SMPTE 2022-7 available (and shipping) on XPression Studio, XPression BlueBox, and XPression Clips systems. Support for video over IP workflows on XPression is available through a variety of hardware vendors, including AJA and Matrox.
XPression Datalinq™ – XPression’s universal data connector ties a wide range of data sources into XPression graphics templates.  Datalinq adds support to parse JSON files as either an HTTP source using RSS or XML.  JSON support is also available using a .JSON file in the local file system.
XPression Clips production clip player adds a number of new customer requested features. Server output channels now have a Preview Channel which is used to cue the next clip while the channel is still in use, and an Auto Cue function that automatically cues and plays the preview clip on the channel output when the current clip is finished.  This added functionality enhances the ability for operators to randomly cue and play clips in a live environment within a single output channel.  Another nice addition is a progress bar that adds both graphical and numeric indications of the time remaining in a clip.  A time saver in production preparation is the ability to quickly Save a Still from any point on an existing clip in the Clips database and add it to the Clip Store.

XPression’s INcoder transcode engine now passes original timecode from source clips, which can be read and displayed in XPression Clips server channels. As well, users have new options to assign Recall IDs to assets during the INcode process making it a smoother process for customers with multiple productions and studios to manage clip IDs reducing confusion and errors. Learn more about XPression…

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