Video Servers and Replay

New since last NAB is the acquisition by Ross of Abekas, an iconic industry brand.  The Abekas brand is being retained as the brand for Ross’ family of video servers as are all Abekas products.

New and shipping prior to show time is the Abekas Tria 2.  The Tria 2 is the next generation Tria clip server, a full 2 channel clip server with an input record channel, synchronous playback of key/fill pairs or independent playout of 2 separate video channels with audio. Tria 2 uses fast, high reliability Solid State Drives and is available with several drive capacities.

The Abekas Mira now includes Mira Connect Gigabit Ethernet networking, which enables   and Mira Replay systems to seamlessly share content between servers. There is no need to cache or transfer files as they are streamed on demand across the GigE network making it seamless to play a clip residing on one Mira to the output of a different Mira.  This is a great way to scale your production replay team by adding more Miras and operators while making content easily available to all systems.

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