Production Switchers

Acuity and Carbonite production switchers continue to add significant new features through software. At NAB 2017, along with other features, Acuity v6.0 adds LiveEDL and Soft Panel operation.

LiveEDL is great for “live-to-tape” productions. In LiveEDL mode, Acuity tracks source selections and creates a timecode locked edit decision list.  This can then be exported as a file and imported to a non-linear editing system (NLE) along with camera iso-recordings, recreating the line cut in the NLE.  Final changes are then easily made, saving massive amounts of time in the post-production process.

The new Soft Panel for Acuity provides full setup and operation from a graphical web user interface.  This means the cost and space of a physical panel is no longer required, often desirable in automated environments like when deployed with Ross OverDrive Automated Production Systems.

Carbonite, the world’s leading mid-sized production switcher adds v12.2 software.  This brings support for the compact CB9 panel which can be added as a second control panel to a Carbonite for two panel operation.  Other features included with 12.2 are MiniME preset, for enhanced UHD 4K production, support for the1080P25 signal format, and intuitive new thumbnail capture for media wipe selection.  V12.2 software will be available at no charge to all Carbonite customers and made available to download from the Ross Video website.

Carbonite Black Solo adds v1.2 software, simplifying complex tasks such as keyer setup and panel layouts, and adds the Ross patented RGB PanelGlow that provides background illumination to make buttons easily readable in dark environments as well as enabling button color customization that allows the system to be personalized for at-a-glance color identification of busses and sources.  As with all Ross production switchers this new software will be downloadable at no charge from the Ross Video website when available.

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