World-Class Crestron control at Technical University of Denmark

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Challenge: To integrate a world-class AV management and presentation system to fully maximise the learning experience for students and lecturers, at the Technical University of Denmark.

Solution: A comprehensive Crestron control solution, including Crestron DigitalMedia™ and Fusion™ technologies, for high quality audio and visual integration, delivery and performance. Customised user-friendly touch screens and remote interface access make the system simple for staff to operate and manage. 

Located in Lyngby, a suburb north of the tech-savvy city of Copenhagen, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is undergoing a DKK 4 billion (Danish Krone) transformation to upgrade its buildings and infrastructure. This large-scale development includes the regeneration of over 20 different buildings with a goal to create a world-class university environment, attracting the best researchers and students from around the globe.

A key challenge was the redevelopment of the university’s 303A building, which required a control system to integrate all the disparate AV sources, including a new presentation system, into one easy-to-use interface. This would optimize the user experience for both students and lecturers, and ensure the focus remained on education – not unreliable technology. The project was designed and managed by Mads Birkvig at DTU, who selected integration expert Danmon Group to install a comprehensive Crestron solution, in a transformation which took a total of just six months to complete.

Within the building are nine auditoriums, which include a total of 30 display screens and one shared  sound system. Crestron’s DM-MD 128x128 switcher made the foundation to manage the various AV sources, providing the university with ultra-fast digital video and audio switching. The DM switcher is perfectly suited for high definition signal routing on such a vast scale; it allows all auditoriums to be virtually joined so that the same presentation or video can be shared on all 30 screens simultaneously, as well as allowing a single lecturer to have access to all screens and audio systems.   In this way, over 850 students within the building, as well as unlimited numbers with remote access, can be reached via one presentation, with live streaming, live recording and video conferencing also possible.

Bent Hansen, Account Manager for the Technical University of Denmark at Danmon Group comments, “The university needed a flexible solution to enable several presenting options, which is exactly what Crestron technology provides. The single largest auditorium has room for approximately 250 students, however, when linked with the others it can accommodate double that number – without compromising the high-quality AV. The result is a standout solution that will deliver into the future.”

Bespoke TSW-1050-B-S 10" touch screens are positioned throughout the building to control the connected sources via a simple customised interface. Lecturers are also able to adjust the audio, lighting, doors and blinds at the simple touch of a button. Featuring Crestron Smart Graphics™ technology, the DTU’s AV team can create bespoke graphics and easily adapt control preferences. Three of the rooms are fitted with 22 inch touch screens, powered by the Crestron DGE-200-C. This gives a powerfull control of the streaming systems with live camera controls and live dual video monitoring of content and camera signal.

Mads Birkvig, AV Team Leader at Technical University of Denmark comments “With the installed AV solution it actually puts us in the yellow jersey. We have experienced numerous of other Universities paying us a visit to see what we have achieved. As an example, we have not only used the conferencing system to connect with guest lecturers from other countries, but can also hold exams with external examiners participating through a computer or iPad. And it works. In addition to that, it was necessary to have Dante™ audio distribution, but it didn’t exist for an AV Matrix of this size and scope. Therefore, Crestron specially adapted the Dante technology for the DM-MD 128x128 specifically for the university.”

The DTU boasts world-class facilities, powered by an impressive Crestron AV control network. The result is a user-friendly, connected building that can be used in a variety of ways to suit the needs of lecturers and students. The technology is scalable to provide a future-proof solution for this growing university, ensuring it will continue to provide outstanding education for generations to come.

To learn more about Crestron’s Digital Media technology and how it can be employed within a commercial and residential environment visit

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